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I've always tried to thank people for their faves and/or llama gifts individually because I just think it's the more polite thing to do. But it's come to a point where I just can't keep up. So to all those who fave my stuff and give me llamas: here's one big THANK YOU. Sorry if you've never gotten a personal thank you from me, but it's just too time consuming for me to go through each and every one, I hope you understand. Anyway onto more important (hah!) news is that I don't think I'll be posting anymore art on here from now on. We'll see. I just don't want DA to own my art. I'll probably keep most of the things I already have on here up though, just letting you know. I don't think anybody really cares anyway, but eh whatevz. I'll post or link the new place where I'll be posting future art, as soon as I know where it will be. That's it. 

Peace in.

I've got so much homework and I'm going to be so so busy this semester. But I think I'm okay... I'm taking one step at a time with my new school and trying really hard to focus on everything good I've got going. Sorry again for not posting much art these days. I'm not sure when I'll be posting things again since the stuff I planned to put in June got interrupted by several things that happened in the summer. Not really sure what I wanted to say with this, especially since nobody is probably gonna read this...but I'm still going to be posting art on here in the future if anyone's still around until then. Or still interested. I guess this is more for me to look back on.

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  • Drinking: not milk :'(
Back home and slowly continuing unfinished drawings so I can post them up. Hopefully that'll happen soon.
So I've been on vacation in Mexico for a few days. It's had its ups and downs. I'm getting that feeling when you've forgotten something, but I don't think I am. It's daunting how much my life is going to be changing soon... That has nothing to do with me being in Mexico, but I'm just thinking how little time I'll have to prepare when I come back to the US. I guess I'm feeling a little anxious, but there's nothing I can do. It's strange feeling so much trepidation for something you know will make you happier and change your life for the better.

I'm starting to suspect I might have a little bit of Cherophobia 
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Finally got accepted to a university and hoping to move on with my life. I've tried to clean my deviantart as best I could, but some of my jpeg files were oddly damaged and some were missing completely. I'll try to fix the errors and post them back up later on, but I won't be able to post anything new until maybe June. Sorry about that, but I got some fun plans for drawings.

Also: I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my cousins and brother last Friday.
Dream come true :heart: 

Peace in peoples
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  • Listening to: I put a spell on you
  • Reading: three different books at the same time (still)
  • Watching: nightmare before christmas
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: smores
  • Drinking: meeeeelk
  • Listening to: ???
  • Reading: three different books at the same time (still)
  • Watching: Back to the Future
  • Playing: with time
  • Eating: time food
  • Drinking: coke zero raise the roof who give a crap
So apparently I lied. Sorry I didn't end up posting the drawing I said I would. Not that anybody cares. I'll be taking my brother's advice and fix up the drawing to make sure it looks better before I post it. Had a weird dream last night. And by weird I mean the most normal realistic thing that's ever come across my subconscious. Nyeh that's all folks
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  • Eating: woops i forgot again
  • Drinking: pool ew
I completely forgot to post a journal yesterday so I'm posting it just one day late. So a BIG YAYZ for a bit of progress in the lgbt community! I might post a sort of relevant drawing later on. I hesitate cuz it looks a bit weird in my opinion. I carn't draw kisses and there're kissies in the drawing so just looks awkward to me. Hope everyone had a good day yesterday and of course continue every day onward. Peace! :peace: 

  • Listening to: evolution of music by Pentatonix
  • Reading: three different books at the same time
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: cos
  • Eating: woops i forgot again
  • Drinking: pool ew
Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year as well!

Hopefully I'm finally gonna get my shiz together this year. Making a great effort to anyway. I mean this is the year Marty McFly will be visiting us after all. Hmm I thought I had more stuff to say, but I guess that's it. As always I hope you're all doing gud. :)
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  • Watching: Game of Thrones soon??
  • Playing: with colors of the wind
  • Eating: fish stiiicks
  • Drinking: cow water
Dia De Los Muertos and all that jazz. Sorry I can't resist:
Not dead.
Yeah so I don't think I'll be posting up much stuff for a while again. Cuz of school finals and whatnot approaching. Hanging out on Tumblr too much as well.

Hope you're all doing good!
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  • Watching: something soon hopefully :/
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  • Eating: things that will give me diabetes
  • Drinking: apple cider yuuuum
I went with some friends and ma bro and it was fun :B SUPER STRESSFUL but fun :) I cosplayed as Black Widow, but anyway hopefully my dad can fix my tablet soon so I can do some more drawings. I've continued a few of the Sherlock chibis and have a good photoshop again. For a while actually, just have been lurking on Tumblr for too long.
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  • Drinking: mortals' blood
So yeah my laptop's back and I'm happy bout that. It's working without turning off and everything but now I have to use an older photoshop and idk how to use it! :crying: But I'll try and keep posting stuff. I'll get my better version of photoshop someday in the future hopefully. Until then stay safe friends and arm yourselves with knowledge :nod:
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  • Reading: Sherlock Holmes :D and Shakespeare Star Wars
  • Watching: 500 Days of Summer
  • Playing: pretend
  • Eating: silence
  • Drinking: whatever tumblr's serving
Idk if it's just a Mexican thing or what cuz I heard it from my mom, but yeah Happy Cat Day! Normally I'd post something cat related, but I'm still using someone else's laptop and they gave me back R2D2 but he's worse than ever X( So I'm pissed off at PC and Idk what I'm gonna do about my laptop. I miss photoshop :( But anyway I hope you all have a good day :)
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  • Watching: ParaNorman
  • Playing: with time
  • Eating: spirit food
  • Drinking: high quality milk
I named my laptop R2D2 and he's had some problems for a while now so I'm sending him to get fixed. Today is my last day with him :crying: I won't be able to post anything for a while, but I might still be able to answer messages and read ones I'm sent so yeah... I'LL MISS YOU R2D2!!!!!!!
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  • Watching: Rise of the Guardians
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  • Eating: junkkkkk nooooooooo
  • Drinking: high quality milk
To go to the UK so I can watch the first ep of Sherlock season 3 today...
  • Listening to: Narnia soundtrack
  • Reading: Sherlock Holmes :D and tumblr posts
  • Watching: Narnia
  • Playing: thoughts
  • Eating: shouldn't
  • Drinking: not alcohol -.-
I met him last night at a panel and ALSKDFJSALKDFJALSGHALKS he was so chill and nice and funneh and hummmlbe and he signed ma Avatar DVDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man those things are getting FERAMED! My brother asked him if he could sign his shirt (which says Boomerang Guy on it) and he said it was cool and that he would. But I guess he forgot about it as he was signing my DVDs cuz when he finished signing, my brother spread the bottom front of his shirt on the table and took Mike by surprise. He laughed and said, "Oh! This is happening." bahahaha it was so COOL. 

And I also bought the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes! :iconretardiloveitplz:
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Sherlock is SUCH a good show. And I've only seen the first two episodes...
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  • Playing: detective
  • Eating: dreams
  • Drinking: art
Wattup folks? Went to the Iron Man 3 premiere. Don't know how to feel about the ending but dudes and dudettes-STAY AFTER THE CREDITS.

Hopefully I'll finish up some Rugrats drawings to post up so I can go ahead and post up Marauders Era stuff that I've been obsessing over.

(this is a reminder to myself so feel free to ignore-Yo Cricky, you saw Nowhere Boy a couple of days ago)

EDIT: oh my rowling forgot to mention-MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! :jedi:
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Pretty much what the title says. I got too much stuff on my mind right now for that crap.
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